My name is Dwight Meessen. I'm 23 years old and i'm from Holland. Dancing is my passion and i enjoy it with all my heart. Below you can see how I started as a dancer and choreographer.

When I was little I thought it was fun to dance. It did not matter where! I got the bug from my mum and when I was 13, she said to me: 'Why don't you go to a dance class?' I thought about this and one day I walked past a café and a poster for line dancing caught my attention.

All the people there were terrific and wanted to help me dance straightaway!. I remember the the first dance I learnt was Closer. I was so proud of myself that I could dance this dance. It was a really great feeling. I liked it so much that I kept coming back every week. Now, eight years later I still love to dance Closer.

I never thought that I would write a dance. My cousin, way back in 2012, played me a song which I absolutely loved. I immediately wanted to dance to it, so when I got home I looked to see if there was a dance to it. At that time nothing came up and I thought 'Maybe I could try... why not?'
I grabbed my headphones and played the song. I started dancing, and before I knew I had written my first dance. The dance was called ‘Bailando’ and to my surprise it was a success. Everyone liked it and it gave me a great feeling. That's how it all started...

Enjoy dancing and maybe we see each other on the dance floor!